Amuseables Happy Boiled Egg 14cm - Jelly Cat Soft Toy

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Our Jellycat Amuseables Happy Boiled Egg is a gorgeously soft and scrummy friend. The perfect start to your day, Amuseables Happy Boiled Egg has a bright & sunny yellow yolk surrounded by a duvet of white deliciousness. He's full of character and has little cordy roy leggies so he can march like a soldier. 

Jellycat Amuseables Happy Boiled Egg 是一個非常柔軟和骯髒的朋友。

Amuseables Happy Boiled Egg 是您美好一天的完美開始,蛋黃明亮而陽光明媚,周圍環繞著白色美味的羽絨被。


Great room decor. Finished in super-soft Jellycat plush.

ONE SIZE - H14cm

Brand:  Jellycat