Iris - Pallida Carrière Frères Scented Candle 185g

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The spathes of its flower are a source of wonder, and are as fragile and delicate as silk paper. A perennial plant of the Iridaceae family, iris pallida is native to the Dalmatian coast (Croatia): pale in colour, often mauve, it grows in clusters from a rhizome.

Powdery at heart, iris perfume is enveloping, comforting and gently sweet.


Its fragrance heralding the arrival of the Summer months, iris can be enjoyed through to the Indian summer.
Iris is relaxing and naturally leads to positivity.
It is also known for its softening, deodorising and even antiseptic properties.


Known as the blue gold of perfumery, iris has an elegantly powdery, slightly sweet and finely woody scent. It is both powerful and refined, enveloping and comforting.

Made in France

Weight: 185g / 6.5 oz
Burning time: 40 to 45 hours