Balsam - Brooklyn Candle Noir Scented Candle 370g

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Products Description

Balsam captures a winter getaway in a cozy cabin tucked away in a forest of fragrant evergreens in Upstate New York.

When lit, fresh top notes of fir needle lift to reveal warm middle notes of cedar and pine and a lingering base of resinous fir balsam.

前調 : 冷杉

中調 : 雪松、松樹

基調 : 樹脂、冷杉香脂

Sizing Informations

Burns Up To 70 Hours

Net Weight: 13oz / 370 Gram

Hand-poured in chic black matte glass vessels and packaged in textured embossed boxes, these candles glow gracefully and look beautiful in all interiors.