Tuffet Panda 31cm Medium - Jellycat Soft Toy

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Product Details:

Our Jellycat Tuffet Panda is a gorgeously soft and traditional looking toy. Tuffet has charcoal grey coloured fur with a soft and silky cream head and body. He's got a wonderfully nostalgic feel as if Grandma had just given you her favourite childhood friend. He has beans in his paws and bottom so that he can sit, pose and play. Please take good care of Tuffet and feed him bamboo biscuits.

我們的 Jellycat Tuffet Panda 是一款非常柔軟且具有傳統外觀的玩具。 Tuffet 有炭灰色的毛皮,頭部和身體柔軟絲滑。他有一種奇妙的懷舊感,就好像奶奶剛剛給了你她最喜歡的兒時玩伴。他的爪子和屁股上有豆子,這樣他就可以坐著、擺姿勢和玩耍。請照顧好塔菲特,給他餵竹餅乾。

Safety & Care

  • Tested to and passes the European Safety Standard for toys: EN71 parts 1, 2 & 3, for all ages.
  • Suitable from birth.
  • Hand wash only; do not tumble dry, dry clean or iron. Not recommended to clean in a washing machine.
  • Check all labels upon arrival of purchase.