White Tea - AYDRY & Co. Scented Candle

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Product Details:

Made with the utmost quality providing you with a clean, long-lasting burn and a delightful experience of extraordinary scents.

Candle comes in a hexagon tin container designed by AYDRY & Co. with a lid to keep wax dust free when the candle is not in use. It is beautifully packaged in our iconic hexagon box.


Soothing white tea leaves and nutmeg are the heartbeat of this scent. And when they’re combined with dynamic notes of spicy bergamot and ginger, the result is an irresistibly warm, clean and delicate aroma.

Ayu Carlton - Creative Director

Top Notes
Bergamot  佛手柑

Heart Notes
White Tea Leaves, Nutmeg  白茶葉、荳蔻

Jasmine, Ginger  茉莉花、姜


Wooden Wick Glass Jar  8.5oz / 240 g.
Burn time up to 45 hours

3 oz / 85 g.
Burn time up to 20 hours.