White Tea - AYDRY & Co. Room Diffuser

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Product Details:

Designed to effectively absorb and release fragrances, leaving you with a continuous flow of extraordinary scents throughout your space.

Each diffuser is beautifully packaged in our iconic hexagon box.

Scent Notes

Soothing white tea leaves and nutmeg are the heartbeat of this scent. And when they’re combined with dynamic notes of spicy bergamot and ginger, the result is an irresistibly warm, clean and delicate aroma. Ayu Carlton - Creative Director

Top Notes
Bergamot  佛手柑

Heart Notes
White Tea Leaves, Nutmeg 白茶葉、荳蔻

Jasmine, Ginger 茉莉、生薑

5 fl oz / 147 ml.
Usage time up to 2-3 months

Handcrafted in USA.

Safety & Care

Flip the sticks occasionally to intensify the fragrance.