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Cloud’s Mini Candle Warmer


體積細小精緻的熱融蠟燭燈 切合追求簡樸又時尚的家

蠟燭燈的設計有 啞黑色、瓷白色和 白色配實木底座

尺寸 : 25.5 x 10.5

蠟燭底部闊度 5.5cm 可放置7cm以內闊度的蠟燭

可放置蠟燭高度 <10.5cm ( 建議在 9cm

  • 可以放置 Diptyque Standard Size Candle


Proudly presented by Cloud

Mini Candle Warmer suits everyone.

It’s size are perfect for you who wish to have a delicate but minimalised lifestyle.

Our mini candle warmers are available in Black, White and white-wooden base.

Size: 25.5 Height x 10.5 Width

Base of the candle area is around 5.5cm ( Suitable for candle width < 7cm )

Maximum height of candle 10.5cm  ( Height of the candle < 9 cm ideally)


If you wish for use in other country please kindly contact our customer service