Absinthe ( Artemisia ) - The Museum Collection Carrière Frères Scented Candle 185g 苦艾

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Product Descriptions

Absinthe is a perennial shrub native to continental, temperate zones in Europe, Asia and North Africa. Called 'the green fairy,' absinthe was reputed to provide creative powers, and before being banned was the infamous muse that inspired writers like Emile Zola and Paul Verlaine, painters Vincent Van Gogh and Edgar Degas.


Plant with energizing powers, absinthe is known to invigorate and help overcome fatigue. 



An aromatic, green fragrance. 

The sent is powerful, green, plantlike. Green notes of galbanum and petitgrain mis with the aniseed scent of the absinthe absolute, supported by basil and mint. A woody base note weaves though the wake of this scented green bouquet. 



古希臘人喝用它提取的酒;18世紀苦艾酒被稱為“瘋了魔綠精靈”,以激發創造力而著稱,在被禁之前是酒類中出名的繆斯女神,曾為作家埃米爾·左拉和保羅·魏偉爾蘭、畫家文森特 ·梵高和埃德加·德加帶來創作靈感。


白松香和苦橙葉的綠色香調與苦艾酒的茴香香味混合在一起並輔以羅勒來托;有木質基調交, 喚醒綠色花束精靈般的姿態 。

Made in France

Weight: 185 g / 6.5 Oz.
Burn time: 40 to 45 hours


{ Colored illustrations from botanical plates dating from the 19th Century appear through the matte, jade green tinted glass. In the center of the octagonal label, we find a cluster of absinthe's flowers printed in gold embossing. }