Damask Rose - Rosa Damascena Carrière Frères Scented Candle 185g

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A divine symbol, the ‘Queen of Flowers’ is originally from Turkey. Appreciated for its beauty and the subtlety of its fragrance, the Damask rose is particularly fragrant. A shrub of the Rosaceae family, the rose blooms intensely as its corolla of petals blossoms.

It has been celebrated since ancient times for its stimulating power and aphrodisiac properties.


The rose has great medicinal properties, and is known to:
 Overcome anxiety, tension and sleep disorders,
 Soothe the nervous system and encourage letting go,
 Create harmony on a psycho-emotional level.


A radiant fragrance. Since the dawn of time, the Damask rose has been prized for its sweet, rich and opulent fragrance. From China to Persia, from Europe to Morocco, its delicate fragrance has earned it the nickname ‘Queen of Flowers’.

Made in France

Weight: 185g / 6.5 oz
Burning time: 40 to 45 hours