Palo Santo 聖木 - Brooklyn Candle Studio Reed Diffuser 4.4fl oz / 130ml

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Products Description

We spent months collaborating with perfumers on a scent that truly recreates and honors the deep, woody richness of the sacred Palo Santo (“holy wood”) tree native to Peru, Ecuador, and many Central and South American countries.

Since the Incan era, the fragrant wood has been ritualistically burned to cleanse a space of bad energy, and the oil is said to have purifying and healing properties.

Our rendition features calming top notes of cedar and mint, middle notes of cypress, and eucalyptus, and warm base notes of sandalwood and amber. 

真正再現並尊重原產於秘魯、厄瓜多爾和許多中南美洲國家的神聖Palo Santo(“聖木”)濃郁木質氣息。



Sizing Information

Perfume any room with our new ultra-chic reed diffusers for a delightful botanical aroma without the flame.

Perfect for your home office, powder room, or any space that needs that extra something something.

Our custom made glass screenprinted Reed Diffuser bottles are packed in a two-piece textured paper tube. Includes wooden stopper and 8 rattan reeds. 

Lasts for approximately 4-5 months.