Place Des Vosges 孚日廣場 - Kerzon Candle 6.5oz rose & geranium

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It's the romanticism of the famed square, its red bricks and blossoming geranium terraces that keeps us coming back for its beauty. Place des Vosges is inspired by the fluffy petals of the Bulgarian rose with a flowery head and a sweet, velvety heart paired with mango on top of a fresh and lemony geranium base.


Place des Vosges 的靈感來自保加利亞玫瑰蓬鬆的花瓣,帶有花朵的頭和甜美、天鵝絨般的心,在新鮮的檸檬天竺葵基調上搭配芒果

Size : 6.5oz

100% natural, biodegradable and vegan wax
Imprim’vert labeled case, with low environmental impact
Recyclable paper case sourced from sustainably managed forests
Natural cotton braided wick
High quality essential and absolute oils
Recyclable glass pot
Formulated and made in France