Neroli - Brooklyn Candle Noir Scented Candle 370g

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Products Description

Neroli  橙花

Notes of sage, lily, neroli, and jasmine over a base of orange blossom and amber commingle in this uplifting and energizing fragrance inspired by neroli oil, the sweet bright oil extracted from the blossom of an orange tree.

Neroli is a light citrus, energizing and fresh and slightly sweet.

前調 :鼠尾草、百合、茉莉花

基調 : 橙花和琥珀

Sizing Informations

Burns Up To 70 Hours

Net Weight: 13oz / 370 Gram

Hand-poured in chic black matte glass vessels and packaged in textured embossed boxes, these candles glow gracefully and look beautiful in all interiors.