Spearmint - Mentha Spicata (薄荷) Carrière Frères Diffuser 200ml

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Its origin is uncertain, but it is probably the result of an ancient cross between two species of mint. From the Lamiaceae family, spearmint is a perennial plant known for its heady and subtle scent, characteristic of the souks and palaces of North Africa.


Its green note accompanies spring days and warm Summer evenings.
Naturally fresh, spearmint is known for:
✓ Its invigorating properties,
✓ Its calming and relaxing power,
✓ Helping to reduce stress and excessive emotions.


Its herbaceous scent is slightly spicy, fresh and green. Its intoxicating and subtle smell is inseparable from the souks and palaces of North Africa.

它的起源並不確定,但它可能是兩種薄荷的古老雜交而來。綠色氣息伴隨著春日和溫暖的夏日夜晚, 留蘭香是一種多年生植物,自然清新,它令人陶醉的微妙氣味與北非的露天市場和宮殿密不可分。








Made in France

Capacity: 6.8 Fl.oz
Duration: 8 to 12 weeks