Tiare - Gardenia Tahitensis (梔子花) Carriere Freres Scented Candle 185g

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It is the most famous of the gardenias. A Polynesian plant of the Rubiaceae family, its flower, called tiare, is deliciously fragrant. It is used in the composition of monoi (the maceration of the flowers in copra oil), an ancient Maohi beauty recipe.



Associated with Polynesia and long summer days, the tiare flower is widely used in Polynesian pharmacopoeia. It is known for:

✓ Helping to fight against fatigue
✓ Its purifying and antiseptic properties
✓ Its calming action.


A real invitation to travel, the scent of the tiare flower is recognisable among thousands. Its floral and sweet notes compose a unique perfume with a powerful sweetness, evoking the accents of tuberose.

最著名的梔子花,茜草科的一種波利尼西亞植物,它的花被稱為 「提亞雷」,具有可口的香味,被用於調製monoi(將花浸泡在椰果油中),這是一種古老的毛伊族美容秘方。







這是一種真正的旅行邀請,提亞雷花的香味在成千上萬的人中是可以識別的。 它的花香和甜味構成了一種獨特的香水,具有強大的甜味,喚起了晚香玉的味道。


Made in France

Weight: 185g / 6.5 oz
Burning time: 40 to 45 hours